Hey, nice to meet you!

I’m Sean Kirmani <sean@kirmani.io>, a roboticist, interaction researcher, scientist, and student. I’m years old — that’s days to be exact!
I’m a fourth-year Electrical and Computer Engineering and Computer Science student at The University of Texas at Austin.
I will be interning at X (formerly Google[x]) on human-robot interaction in Summer 2017! Previously, I’ve worked on augmented reality with the Project Tango team at Google VR. You can check out my AR lighting feature in the Project Tango API!
I’m a research assistant studying human-robot interaction in the Robotics Lab at UT Austin working with Andrea Thomaz and Scott Niekum. I have experience in behavior architectures, perception, planning, and machine learning.
I enjoy working on “real world computing” — specifically robotics, computer graphics, and computer vision. Computer graphics is how we see machines currently, computer vision is how machines see the world, and robots are how machines interact with the world.
I like researching human-robot interaction because I’m interested in this interaction between people and artificial intelligence! I’m interested in understanding how people interact with each other and technology, understanding why we think interacting with robots seems so “robotic”, and using that understanding to make robots seem a little less “robotic”. A summary of my technical interests are below:

  • Robotics
  • Human–Robot Interaction
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Computer Graphics
  • Augmented Reality
  • Virtual Reality
  • Computer Vision
  • Computational Photography

My résumé is available if you want to be all, like, formal and stuff, dude.

But what about Sean the person?

I’m a cinephile. Since I’ve moved to Austin, I started dressing trendily, bought Warby Parker glasses, and actually originally was interested in being a film major. The California-born, hipster college student in me loves movies and stories. Feel free to email, call, or fax me if you wanna over-analyze a character in a movie or TV show.

I’m an comedy nerd. Everyone likes to laugh. So I follow the comedy scene pretty deeply. I read comedy writer’s memoirs, watch late night television, enjoy comedy shows, obsessively follow TV and film, read AV club reviews and analysis of those episodes and films after the episodes air, and also like laughing a lot. Like, subscribe, comment, and follow my Yelp reviews for more laughs.

I’m a hip hop and indie music enthusiast. I wish I could say I could play music, but at best I’m a poor ukulele player. I like hip hop because of the very complex lyrical stories. Also because even though I grew up in suburban Las Vegas, I like to think I’m a hardcore misunderstood bad boy who doesn’t play by societies rules. I like indie music because I have circular wire frame glasses and live in Austin.




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A neural network library for python.


A neural network based prediction model for predicting grad school admission.


A tool to see course offerings from previous semesters at UT Austin.